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Site Name: Crystal Software Design
Site URL: http://www.crystalsoftwaredesign.com
Site Owner Email: Sales@CrystalSoftwareDesign.com

Reviewed by:
Name: Hubert Lai
Title: Director
Email: ichihohl@aol.com

Design:  ***
Good design ideas. I really like the color you used and they really compliment each other. The site is very well done and looks both professional and organized.  you have a good use of background with the text, a suggestion would be to make a bigger logo and add it to the top center of your page, this way the visitor will remember your company name and increase your chances of business. Good job!

* (this RedStar represents 5 stars)
Great speed, the site loads in less than 7 seconds, 5 stars. You receive the highest rating in this category.

Good layout that is not too messy.  A suggestion would be organize the links in a menu bar on the far left or right on your website, this way you will be able to introduce your company on the front page. Good layout, I like how it is not cluttered

Great content, your website is very informative, simple and to the point. 4 stars!

Overall image:
The site has a good overall image, it looks very professional and very well organized. A suggestion would just to make a new logo with a lasting impression. Great services and good site!

Total Rating: 3+5+3+4+3=18/5 = 3 stars!

comments:  I am so happy that you decided to accept our review, your website is great and I have high expectations for your company. Keep up the good work!

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